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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2012-07-01, hazen

Install new release 11_5_0 in daqowner. Do not set as default yet.

2012-06-29, hazen

Checked in to CVS several updates of work done with Charlie.


    DTCManager.cc/hh were updated to include Charlie's new HyperDAQ. This required substantial changes to the address tables. These changes were done to the existing files AMC13_AddressTable_S6/V6.txt.

Run Control

    AMC13.cc/hh were updated to add startRun(), endRun(), AMCInputEnable(), nextEventSize(), readNextEvent().

2012-06-27, rohlf

Fix AMC13Tool to support hex version names in firmware files. Fork address tables with names AMC13_AddressTable_S7/V8.txt. FIXME: This address table is now incompatible with the one used by the rest of the software!

2012-06-12, hazen

First release firmware and instructions for DAQ in AMC13:

to set up L1A:
set L1a to about 20KHz
start dccdiagnose.exe
ttc/trig 4(turn off L1A)

run amc13tool
wv 3 410 (enable amc5 and amc11)
wv 1 1 (set run bit)
wv 0 1 (reset all)

ttc/cmd 0x28(reset orbit number)
ttc/trig 1 (enable L1A)

this will take 0x800 events in the memory and throw away all when the buffer is full.

In general, the initialization  and read out remains basically the same as with DCC2.

2012-05-24, rohlf

Sucessfully updated Spartan firmware from v3 to v6 at point 5. This was accomplished remotely in Bat. 40 at CERN with AMC13Tool by first writting Spartan v6 to flash at 0x000000 (its old location) as if programming the Header, power cycling the AMC13 module with the NAT tool, reprogramming the flash Header (0x000000), Golden (0x100000), Spartan (0x200000), and Virtex (0x400000), and then issuing the software command to reconfigure from flash.
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