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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2014-08-19, Dan, Eric

Started to get xDAQ working. Jeremy now provides a perl script standalone_setup.pl in ...hcalUpgrade/test in the HCAL xDAQ release. It creates standalone-daq.xml which is then used by run-standalone.sh to start xDAQ. How to answer the questions from standalone_setup.pl

Crate Number of the System used to find names of boards in the connection file
Location of the XML connections file File name with path if needed to connection file
Orbit delay for data alignment of links Who knows, enter a small integer
Set of slots to use, separated by commas 1-based list of slots
Pipeline length for pulling out the data from the UHTR Who knows, enter a small integer

Sample connection file: sample_xdaq_connections.xml. Set for crate number 1.


2014-08-08, dzou

AMC13 old software: Changing all references to 1-based enumeration of AMC slots:
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