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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2014-08-08, dzou

AMC13 old software: Changing all references to 1-based enumeration of AMC slots:
  • Status display:
    • AMC Link Status:
      • Enabled links
      • Locked links
    • Port Status:
      • AMC Link Versions incorrect
      • Unsynced AMC Ports
    • AMC Bc0 Status: Bc0s locked
    • AMC Counters
  • Address Tables and Mr. Wu Spec files?

Places to change code:

  1. singleBit_OnOff is a method that checks bits and populates a vector of strings indicating with AMC ports have their relevant bit set (in 0-based enumation). All Status display items from AMC Link Status through Bc0 Status use this to enumerate. (Actions.cc, line 2625)
    • Up front my guess at the fix:
      1. (ss bit shift by i+1? and the if statement to i<=10) or
      2. (loop i starting at i=1 and make the appropriate shifts throughout loop)
  2. ctr64_status_amc is the method use in AMC Counters. (Actions.cc, line 2657, ena_amcs[i] )
    • ena_amcs is populated by singleBit_OnOff, so if singleBit_OnOff is made to give a vector of 1-based strings, then it may not be necessary to change ctr64_status_amc at all.

2014-07-18, dzou

Multiple users have experienced problems with receiving/sending Bc0s from their AMC13. Unfortunately, we do not have the same hardware and we are experiencing difficulties providing support, as it is hard to determine if the issue is in fact due to the AMC13.

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