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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2014-07-18, dzou

Multiple users have experienced problems with receiving/sending Bc0s from their AMC13. Unfortunately, we do not have the same hardware and we are experiencing difficulties providing support, as it is hard to determine if the issue is in fact due to the AMC13.

Below is a place to document tests using our setup with the AMC13 and uHTR to determine setups work/don't work in hopes of illuminating possible problems that may be occurring in the AMC13 side.

All tests using uHTR running most recent firmware (front: 0.C.0, back: 0.E.22) to receive Bc0. AMC13 used is Serial #86 in AMC13 slot of old crate.

Since the uHTR will send a signal back after receiving Bc0s so that the AMC13 can tell if the Bc0s are locked

AMC13 T1 firmware TTC source Bc0s locked? Notes
0x209 TTT yes 1, 2
0x10a TTT yes 1, 2

Note 1: Sending triggers does not successfully lead to building events to monitor buffer, Note 2: Bc0 locked only successfully locked if setup is done after complete power cycle of boards (physically removed from crate)


2014-07-03, hazen

Trying Wu's new 0x1001 version. Not obvious that it works.

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