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Please log AMC13 test activity below, blog style (new entries at top)

2012-05-24, rohlf

Sucessfully updated Spartan firmware from v3 to v6 at point 5. This was accomplished remotely in Bat. 40 at CERN with AMC13Tool by first writting Spartan v6 to flash at 0x000000 (its old location) as if programming the Header, power cycling the AMC13 module with the NAT tool, reprogramming the flash Header (0x000000), Golden (0x100000), Spartan (0x200000), and Virtex (0x400000), and then issuing the software command to reconfigure from flash.

2012-05-24, rohlf

Update firmware in cDAQ lab at CERN using python software. Older software (now named amc13_python_backup-23-may2012) was used to program Spartan firmware v6 into 0x0, power cycle crate, program Header (0x000000), Golden (0x100000), Spartan (0x200000), and Virtex (0x400000) where in the process a bug was discovered in programming the header due to incorrect erase of a single page, power cycling again, and verifying the configuration.

2012-04-27, hazen

Install HCAL xDAQ 11.4.0 (as daqowner) per instructions:

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