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 This page covers the steps to reprogram the MMC in the AMC13.

Software Prerequisites

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  Source code for MMC for reference is here: AMC13_v2.1.zip

Programming MMC into Flash

NOTE: The hex file linked below (AMC13_v2p1_Release.hex) is known to work with both AMC13v1 and AMC13XG. However, it seems that the blue LED does not function correctly on an AMC13v1.

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  1. Once the correct Release hex file is selected, click the Program button. Typically this is done w/ the Erase Flash before programming and Verify Flash after programming options on.
  2. Once the Program Successful message appear, you are done with this portion. Typically, after programming the MMC, you will want to erase the EEP and perform a memory reset.

Erasing the EEProm and Memory Reset

After loading new MMC firmware onto a board, it is often a good idea to erase the EEProm and perform a memory reset. To do so you will need to connect to the board via PuTTy and perform these tasks using provided commands.
  1. Connect machine to microUSB (Console) port on AMC13.
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