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High Rates Test Procedure

Test procedure for building events from uHTR, while using TTT as TTC source. Test procedure assumes certain tools are available, namely the AMC13Tool, the uHTRTool, and the TTTtool.
Depending on the components you would like to test, uHTRs can be replace with other sub-system modules or with or AMC13 with special firmware, the TTT can be replace with a different TTC (or TCDS) source or with a loopback on the AMC13 and using local triggers.
  1. Make sure AMC13 (in AMC13 slot) and uHTR are installed properly in the crate and that the optical fiber from TTT is connected to AMC13 properly (top fiber to bottom and vice versa)
  2. Prepare uHTR and enable DAQlinks and local triggers. Using uHTRTool, follow recipe here.
  3. Prepare AMC13 for data taking and enable link to desired uHTRs. You can use the AMC13Tool for this (additional information here):
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