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AMC13 IP and MAC Address Assignment

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  =1 for T1 board (upper IP)
NOTE: There may be some mistakes in the above algorithm SN 34 has MAC address: 08-00-30-F3-00-1a and 08-00-30-F3-00-5a SN 42 has MAC address: 08-00-30-F3-00-15 and

If we have a board with serial number 37, we can calculate the last digit of the MAC address:

xx = hex(63 - (SN))  

63-37 = 26, which is 0x1a in hex

SN37 MAC addresses:

08-00-30-F3-00-1a (for T2, low IP)and

08-00-30-F3-00-5a (for T1, higher IP)

  -- EricHazen - 12 Mar 2014
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