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 Test conditions:

  • Fake data in AMC13 ("en xxx f t")
    • Small events
    • Small events (default size 0x400)
      • Check 100kHz OFW threshold
        • Set to 100khz (localL1A r 100000 then lt c)
        • Rate averages 16 kHz with ~ 20% live (reset counters, delay a few sec, read overflow warning and ready time and calculate the ratio)
        • Event size threshold where OFW starts at 100kHz is 0x99 (very rare OFW)
      • Check OFW thresholds
        • wv CONF.EVB.MON_FULL_STOP_EVB 1 (stop when mon buffer full)
        • wv CONF.AMC.FAKE_DATA_SIZE 0x400 (default size)
        • wv 0x1c 0 (default trigger settings)
        • rg then rc
        • lt 0x400 1 (issue 0x400 triggers to fill monitor buffer, confirm it's full)
        • lt 95 1 (confirm still in TTC "RDY")
        • lt (confirm now in TTC "OFW")
    • Large events
    • Local (monitor buffer) and FEROL readout
  • Real data from 0x1000 series firmware
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