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10 Prototype boards with red front panels were manufactured in early 2009. These boards are not identical to the production boards because they have a smaller FPGA. The production front panels are marked "DCC2" and are black.
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 Errors: LRB3| 9/10/2012 | BAD LRB |
2149 BU Tested. U0 soldering problem(most likely because U10 looks OK) Multiple lines to U10 without connection   Sick
2150 904 Hospital Developed memory problems on LRB2 (spigots 6,7,8) during the Dec 2011 shutdown: http://cmsonline.cern.ch/cms-elog/750642. Repaired, test ok 2012-03-06 24 Jan 2012 OK
2151 spare RAM replaced 2013-06-13. Tested. 6/1 OK
2151 spare RAM replaced 2013-06-13. Note: This board was removed from P5 due to OrN mismatch problems on spigot 13. Not sure if we ever tested this outside of P5: http://cmsonline.cern.ch/cms-elog/787452 6/1 OK
2152 FED_714 CRC Errors in Event Builder but not LRB. All errors from single LRB chip. See details below
While it would be good to run the memory test on this guy, the symptoms are not classic DRAM failure http://cmsonline.cern.ch/cms-elog/402680
31 Jan 2012: Passes LRB, DSP memory tests in 904. Good board? Worth testing at P5
6/11/2010 Good
2153 FED_720 Developed memory problems on LRB3 (sp 9,10,11) during Dec 2011 shutdown. Removed on 24 Jan 2012 http://cmsonline.cern.ch/cms-elog/750642. Repaired, test ok 2012-03-06
8 May 2012 Installed as FED 720 at P5
24 Jan 2012 OK
2154 FED_704 Installed on 12 Jul 2011 12 Jul 2011 OK
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