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10 Prototype boards with red front panels were manufactured in early 2009. These boards are not compatible with the production boards because they have a smaller FPGA. The production front panels are marked "DCC2" and are black.
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2178 BU Tested.  
2179 BU Not yet tested..  
2180 BU Tested. TTS link error. SLINK error.  
2181 BU Tested.  
2182 BU Tested.  
2183 BU Tested.  
2184 BU Tested. CRC error, SLINK error. "event size of 4800 words is unreasonable"  
2185 BU Tested.  
2186 BU Tested.  
2187 BU Board is warped. won't fit into crate.  
2188 BU Tested. Ethernet RJ45 error.  

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