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AMC13 C++ Class


AMC13 C++ Classes

Below is a table of the AMC13 C++ classes as of 05/30/2013 with a brief description and a link to a page with a more in-depth look at each class's members.

FUN TASK FOR DAVID: write a script that works like Doxygen to keep this documentation up to date, using the source code's comments. smile

Class Name Functionality
AMC13 A class which contains the basic read, write, and control functions for the AMC13
AMC13uHAL A class which connects to an AMC13 using a uHAL connection file, inheriting all of the AMC13 class's members
AMC13_env A class which handles the environment variables and networking specifications needed to create an AMC13 object, and therefore connect to a module
AMC13_flash A class which handles the flash programming and firmware configuration for the AMC13
AMC13_id A class which retrieves essential AMC13 identification information
AMC13_address A class which retrieves essential address table information for the AMC13
AMC13_verify A class which verifies the existence of an AMC13 and its two tongues at a given location

General read/write

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