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META TOPICPARENT name="AMC13CppProductionSoftware"
2014-06-13, hazen, dzou: I think you have left out parts of the register names in many cases. For example, below you want I believe "CONF.EVB.ENABLE_DAQLSC".

void AMC13::daqLinkEnable(bool b) { if(b) write(T1, "EVB.ENABLE_DAQLSC", 1); else write(T1, "EVB.ENABLE_DAQLSC", 0); }

This is a small thing, but I'd suggest the more concise:

void AMC13::daqLinkEnable(bool b) { write(T1, "EVB.ENABLE_DAQLSC", b); }

Please change the AMCInputEnable to take a bit mask instead of a list.

Please add an SFPOutputEnable to enable SFPs, taking a 3-bit mask (writes to CONF.SFP.ENABLE_MASK).

 2014-06-10, dzou:

A number of control functions implemented with hard coded addresses (due to no equivalent register).

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