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META TOPICPARENT name="AMC13CppProductionSoftware"
2014-06-10, dzou:

A number of control functions implemented with hard coded addresses (due to no equivalent register).

Should add relevant registers to new address table and use named registers in control functions.

 2014-06-10, hazen:

Add 64-bit versions of read and write methods. Apparently under some new C++

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 That is fine if a register name is used. For the address-based block reads, it is more
FIXED(2014-06-10, dzou): Address block read do not require register to have incremental mode. Register block read now checks for mode==incremental and will do a address block read if there is no mode == incremental
 2041-06-10, hazen:

Break up block reads greater than 0x400 32-bit words into multiple reads.

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