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META TOPICPARENT name="AMC13CppProductionSoftware"

To Do

2016-05-25 (hazen)

  • Add options to "localL1A" command:
    • when invoked with no arguments it displays the current settings
    • localL1A reset should restore defaults (set 0x1c to 0)
  • Fix 'bgo' command issues:
    • in 'list' remove 'ena' column, replace with 'repeat'
    • last argument to bgo setting command should be one of "off", "single" or "repeat"
    • allow things like bgo 0 off, bgo 1 repeat which don't change other settings
    • add new command like bgo l1a_offset which sets register CONF.TTC.BGO.L1A_OFFSET

  • Fix MCS file reader so it give sensible error messages when the files is not an MCS file or has other formatting problems.
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