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To Do


  • Add "dump" command to AMC13Tool2. I suggest the following behavior:

If invoked with no arguments, perform the equivalent of the following commands:

  > rv 0 0x2000
  > rs 0 0x1000
with results sent to a file named as follows:
in the current working directory.

It should print a message such as this:

    Dump written to /home/someuser/working/directory/AMC13XGDump_2015-01-03_131532.txt.
    Please e-mail to wusx@bu.edu with details of the conditions under which the dump was captured and the problems experienced.

The command should take a file name as an optional argument and if specified write the dump to that file.


  • AMC13Tool2 doesn't handle 9 bit serial numbers in a few cases:
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