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The following table contains configurable variables for the inialization and state determination of the AMC13 within the xDAQ environment prior to taking a run. These variables are set in the "hcalSupervisor" application's configuration document and are processed by the "DTCManager" application using functions from the AMC13 Class.

All variables are retreived from the configuration document by DTCManager::preInit() and are set by DTCManager::init().

Configuration Variable C++ Type
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Default AMC13.cc Function Description
daqLink bool false daqLinkEnable() Boolean specifying whether to enable the DAQLSC
fakeDataGen bool false fakeDataEnable() Boolean specifying whether to replace would-be incoming data from the AMC inputs with fake data generated by the AMC13
internalPeriodicTriggerEnable bool false genInternalL1AsEnable() Boolean specifying whether to generate internal triggers
localTtcSignal bool false localTtcSignalEnable() Boolean specifying whether to use a locally generated TTC signal (fed back to the TTC SFP via a loopback fiber) as TTC input
ttcRxCommands bool false ttcRxEnable() Boolean specifying whether to enable TTC Rx commands
monBufBackPress bool false monBufBackPressEnable() Boolean specifying whether back pressure will be asserted when the SDRAM becomes full
megaMonitorScale bool false megaMonitorScale() Boolean specifying whether to filter events with a pre-scale factor
internalPeriodicTriggerPeriod int 1000 setLocalL1APeriod() Integer specifying the number of orbits between locally generated triggers. It is read only if 'internalPeriodicTriggerEnable' is set to 'true'
preScaleFactNumOfZeros int 20 setPreScaleFactor() Integer specifying the number of low-bit zeros in the pre-scale factor. It is read only if 'megaMonitorScale' is set to 'true' and must be beween 5 and 20
AMCInputEnableList std::string "" AMCInputEnable() Comma-sparated string of AMC inputs (0-11) to be enabled on the AMC13, i.e. "0,1,2,4-10"
fedID uint32_t 999 setFEDid() Unsigned 32-bit integer specifying the FED identification number of this AMC13

-- CharlieHill - 31 Jan 2013

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