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THIS MANUAL IS INCOMPLETE but what is written here should be more accurate and up to date than the old "functional specification". Please e-mail me if you find mistakes/omissions here (Eric H).
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Clock Source Trigger Source Hardware T1 0x1 bit 15 T1 0x1 bit 8 T1 0x1 bit 2
Internal Internal Loop-back fiber (Note 1) 0 1 1
Fiber Internal Fiber with TTC input 0 0 1
Lemo Internal Special T3 with clock input 1 0 1
?? Lemo Special T3 with clock input 1 0 1
- - Not used 1 0 0


  1. SFP transceiver with loop-back fiber from Tx to Rx must be installed in bottom site
The control bits above can be accessed in the AMC13 software using the following names:

Name Function Address/bit
CONF.TTC.ENABLE_INTERNAL_L1A Use internally-generated L1A 0x1 / 2
CONF.DIAG.FAKE_TTC_ENABLE Enable TTC loop-back output signal 0x1 / 8
CONF.TTC.T3_TRIG Accept triggers from T3 input 0x1 / 15

When CONF.TTC.T3_TRIG is set, CONF.TTC.ENABLE_INTERNAL_L1A must also be set.

To use these features, enable the AMC13 as usual using the 'en' command in AMC13Tool2 (or C++ class equivalent), then set the desired bits to '1' using AMC13Tool2 commands, e.g.

  > en 1-6 t
  > wv CONF.TTC.T3_TRIG 1


HCAL Orbit Gap Calibration

The AMC13 implements several features to facilitate triggers for calibration purposes during the LHC "Orbit Gap" during which no normal L1A should occur. The details of this have to a certain extent been lost in time.

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