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THIS MANUAL IS INCOMPLETE but what is written here should be more accurate and up to date than the old "functional specification". Please e-mail me if you find mistakes/omissions here (Eric H).
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Register Function
CONF.TTC.BGOn.COMMAND Short (bits 0-7) or long (bits 0-31) format TTC command
CONF.TTC.BGOn.LONG_CMD Bit '1' for long-format command, '0' for short format
CONF.TTC.BGOn.ENABLE Bit '1' to enable periodic generator of commands
CONF.TTC.BGOn.ENABLE_SINGLE Bit '1' to enable single command (trigger with ACTION.TTC.SINGLE_CMD) [1]
CONF.TTC.BGOn.ORBIT_PRESCALE Orbit prescale (prescale is value + 1)
CONF.TTC.BGOn.BX Bunch crossing number on which to send command

[1] Only one of four ENABLE_SINGLE may be set at one time.

If bit is set to 0 the commands are sent periodically
If bit is set to 0 and ENABLE is set to '1' the commands are sent periodically
  Locally-generated triggers may be sent in a rather flexible way. See the next section for details.
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