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THIS MANUAL IS INCOMPLETE but what is written here should be more accurate and up to date than the old "functional specification". Please e-mail me if you find mistakes/omissions here (Eric H).
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  Locally-generated triggers may be sent in a rather flexible way. See the next section for details.
The simulated TTC function requires a clock which is transmitted on the output side of the TTC SFP optical transceiver and must be received on the input side, so a short loop-back cable must be plugged
The simulated TTC function requires a TTC stream with at least the clock to be input to the receiver side of the TTC SFP. This can be provided externally, or via a short loop-back cable plugged
 between the input and output sides of the bottom SFP.

This feature is enabled by setting CONF.DIAG.FAKE_TTC_ENABLE to 1. The local L1A generator

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