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THIS MANUAL IS INCOMPLETE but what is written here should be more accurate and up to date than the old "functional specification". Please e-mail me if you find mistakes/omissions here (Eric H).
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Local Trigger Logic (HCAL)

The following section applies only to the HCAL firmware series (Kintex v0x4000 and up). A local trigger may be formed from 8 bits supplied each BX from each AMC card. There are a total of 8 independent logic triggers which are evaluated every BX and output on an optical fiber at 1.6 Gb/s (actually the TTC clock times 40) with 8b10b encoding.

Each of the 8 individual logic triggers works as follows:

  • Apply a mask to each of 8 bits from each of 12 AMCs (96 bits programmable). A '1' bit disables the corresponding input
  • Count the number of non-zero AMC bytes after masking (result is 0-12)
  • Apply a programmable threshold to this value, producing a '0' or '1' resut

So there are a total of 96 * 8 programmable mask bits and 8 programmable 0-12 thresholds.

Output format (to be confirmed):

Byte Use
0 Comma character (0xBC k-char)
1 BX0 [7] VER[6:4]=1 BX ID [11:8]
2 Bx ID [7:0]
3 local trigger word

The registers which control this feature are as follows:

<-- -->
Sorted ascending
CONF.LTRIG.AMCxx.BITy.TRIGGER_MASK Set 8-bit mask for AMC number xx (01-11) trigger bit y (0-7)
CONF.LTRIG.BITy.TRIGGER_THRESHOLD Set 4-bit threshold (0-12) for trigger bit y (0-7)

External Clock / Trigger Inputs (g-2)

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