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THIS MANUAL IS INCOMPLETE but what is written here should be more accurate and up to date than the old "functional specification". Please e-mail me if you find mistakes/omissions here (Eric H).
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  • 2 means enforce rules 1 and 2
  • 3 means enforce only rule 1

TTC History Capture

This feature added to the T2 (Spartan) firmware starting in version 0x26 allows the capture of up to 512 TTC short-format broadcast commands in a buffer. The commands may originate in the AMC13 itself (if the TTC simulator is being used) or received externally on the TTC fiber input.

A filter feature is provided which checks incoming commands against a list of up to 16 entries, and if a match is found the command is discarded rather than being stored in the history.

Each filter item has the following 3 fields:

  bits 0-7   TTC command value to match
  bits 8-15  Mask applied before match.  '1' to ignore specified bit
  bit 16     This filter item is enabled if '1'

Several C++ functions are provided which are briefly listed below. See the nightly API documentation for details.

    void setTTCHistoryEna( bool ena);                      // enable/disable history capture
    void setTTCFilterEna( bool ena);                       // enable/disable history filter
    void setTTCHistoryFilter( int n, uint32_t filterVal);  // set individual filter item
    uint32_t getTTCHistoryFilter( int n);                  // get individual filter item
    void clearTTCHistoryFilter();                          // clear entire filter list
    void clearTTCHistory();                                // clear capture history (reset count)
    void getTTCHistory( uint32_t* buffer, int nhist);      // get TTC history list (READ DOCS)
    int getTTCHistoryCount();                              // get TTC hsitory count


External Clock / Trigger Inputs (g-2)

The following section applies only to the g-2 firmware series (Kintex 0x8000 and up).

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