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AMC13Tool Common Procedures

Update Firmware
Initialize AMC13
Send Local Triggers
Read Out Data

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  • As you can see, 'Run Mode' is enabled and our 'Run time' counter is ticking away. We are now ready to accept triggers and create events
  • A complete list and description of the AMC13 registers, counters, and control bits can be found here

Send Local L1As

  • Send Periodic Local L1As
    1. Make sure that your AMC13 is receiving a TTS input via the bottom-most SFP connection
    2. Set the Orbit Number spacing between L1A generations. For example to send an L1A every 0x100th orbit:
               Pick an action (h for menu): tsp 0x100
               Pick an action (h for menu): rv 0x1c
               Reading T1:
                 0000001c: 00000100
      As you can see, 0x100 has been written to register 0x1c, which controls OrN trigger spacing
    3. Enable local L1As:
               Pick an action (h for menu): lt e
      You should now see the AMC13 L1A counter (register 0x46) incrementing
    4. To disable periodically generated local L1As:
               Pick an action (h for menu): lt d
      The AMC13 L1A counter should now stop incrementing
  • Send Single non-periodic L1As
    1. Use the lt command followed by the number of non-periodic triggers you want to send (default to 1):
               Pick an action (h for menu): lt 100

Reading out Events

  • After you have initialized your AMC13 (as instructed here), you are ready to receive triggers and read out events.
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