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These instructions assume you have successfully installed and tested your software. See AMC13CppGettingStarted for instructions if you haven't
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Update Firmware using AMC13Tool2


WARNING!!! (11/17/2020)

If you have recently received a new module with a SN > 384, then you must immediately

download and install the latest version of the AMC13 software (1.2.17) before attemting

to update your firmware. This is due to the fact that the new modules have a different

FLASH memory chip, which is imcompatible with the old software.

ADDITIONALLY, you must use the AMC13ToolFlash.exe tool with the option "-f pa" to

program all parts of the memory at once. This will require the below firmware MCS files

for the T2/Golden/Header. Whatever T1 version you intend to use should work fine.

Failure to follow these steps could result in corrupting the memory of your module.

            Header: http://physics.bu.edu/~wusx/download/AMC13/AMC13T2Header_6slx45t.mcs
            Golden: http://physics.bu.edu/~cosbyc/AMC13/AMC13T2Golden_6slx45t.mcs
       T2: http://physics.bu.edu/~wusx/download/AMC13/AMC13T2v0x0033_6slx45t.mcs

 Make sure that you have the latest firmware files for both the Spartan and Kintex chips by downloading the latest '.mcs' files from here. To be safe, download all of the MCS files for the latest versions (the tool will pick the correct file where there is more than one choice). Put the firmware files in your current directory.

Use the pk command to program the T1 (Kintex) and ps to program the T2 (Spartan). Then use reconfigureFPGAs to force a reload from flash.

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