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META TOPICPARENT name="AMC13CppProductionSoftware"
AMC13Tool2 is a command-line utility designed to exercise all functions of the AMC13. The tool can be run in either interactive or scripted mode.
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 Note: recommend doing 'rd' (daq reset) after changing configuration
localL1A <mode> <burst> <rate> (Configure local L1A generator)
localL1A <mode> <burst> <rate> (Configure local L1A generator)
Option Function Note
mode "o" specifies one trigger per <rate> orbits
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burst number of triggers per burst in single-burst mode
rate number of orbits or BX between triggers or random rate in Hz units
lt <mode/count> (Enable/disable local L1A generator)

If <mode/count> is an integer, send that many bursts of triggers (typically you would want to set the burst size to 1 using the localL1A command if using this feature).

If <mode/count> is a letter, perform one of these functions:

Mode Function
e Enable local trigger generator
d Disable local trigger generator
c Start continuous triggers

If you set up the trigger generator using localL1A it is automatically enabled (e.g. lt 5 would generate 5 bursts) but it does not start to run continuously unless you enter lt e. To stop continuous triggers, enter lt d.

 prescale            :   set prescale mode and factor

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