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AMC13Tool2 is a command-line utility designed to exercise all functions of the AMC13. The tool can be run in either interactive or scripted mode.
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  All displayed values are in hex.
writeT1 (wv) <address> [<data>]
writeT2 (ws) <address> [<data>]

Write to an address on T1 or T2 board. Address may be numeric or an address table item. Data must be numeric.

Data may be omitted in which case a special masked write is performed. This is typically used for address table items with names starting with ACTION.. For example:


Will correctly reset the T1 board.


writeT1 (wv) : Write from AMC13 T1 board writeT2 (ws) : Write from AMC13 T2 board
  i (en) : Initialize AMC13 Usage: i
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