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META TOPICPARENT name="AMC13CppProductionSoftware"
AMC13Tool2 is a command-line utility designed to exercise all functions of the AMC13. The tool can be run in either interactive or scripted mode.
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  N to leave AMC13 out of run mode after initialization
Using "F" will cause fake data of size determined by the T1 register CONF.AMC.FAKE_DATA_SIZE ( addr 0x18 ) to appear to come from the AMC slots given in the list of inputs. The list of inputs is comma delimited with no spaces, and you can use single numbers( 2,7,10 ), inclusive ranges indicated with a hyphen ( 1-7 ), or a combination of the two ( 1-3,5,7,9-12).

When using multiple event builders ( >daq 2 for example ), you must enable at least one AMC slot for each SFP channel. See the daq command for more info.

daq <config> (configure DAQ fiber output)

This command sets the configuration for the DAQ fiber (aka S-Link express, DAQLSC) outputs.

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  Enter 'L' after number of DAQs to enable local mode (using local triggers). Example: >daq 2 L.

When initializing AMCs, at least one AMC from each SFP channel must be initialized.

 Note: recommend doing 'rd' (daq reset) after changing configuration

fed <link_no> <id>
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