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AMC13Tool2 is a command-line utility designed to exercise all functions of the AMC13. The tool can be run in either interactive or scripted mode.
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  selectFileTest : test function for MCS file parsing -- selectFileTest file

Flash Programming Commands (for firmware updates, etc.)

Flash programming commands uses the board's serial number to identify the relevant firmware chip-type for the user indicated flash region. It then looks for matching mcs files in the current directory and lists them for the user to pick from. Once the user selects the mcs file to use, the flash action (verify or program) will be carried out.

When reprogramming, once the flash has been programmed, load the new firmware using 'reconfigureFPGAs'

For detailed recipe for updating firmware follow this link: Firmware Update Recipe

vfh (Verify Flash Header)

vbs (Verify Backup Spartan, e.g. Golden)

vs (Verify Spartan, e.g. T2)

vk (or vv) (Verify Kintex/Virtex, e.g. T1)

pfh (Program Flash Header)

pbs (Program Backup Spartan, e.g. Golden)

ps (Program Spartan, e.g. T2)

pk (or pv) (Program Kintex/Virtex, e.g. T1)

reconfigureFPGAs (reconfigure FPGAs from flash)
 -- EricHazen - 18 Oct 2014
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