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New analysis code being developed for 2014 data format

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The dump software has also been implemented in a cmssw analyzer to extract raw data from global/local root files and unpack it. This requires a cmssw environment (most likely lxplus). The code can be found here http://edf.bu.edu/svn/edf/arcaro/analyzer. General instructions to make an analyzer can be found here: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/CMSPublic/WorkBookWriteFrameworkModule.
Recipe to build the analyzer code:

$ cmsrel CMSSW_#_#_# ($scram list if you want to see the version choices)

$ cd CMSSW_#_#_#/src

$ cmsenv (equivalent: eval `scramv1 runtime -csh`)

$ svn co http://edf.bu.edu/svn/edf/arcaro/analyzer/

$ cd analyzer/parse/plugins

$ svn co http://edf.bu.edu/svn/edf/arcaro/unpacker/

$ cp unpacker/* ./

You should now have all the FedEvent source code in the plugins folder alongside BuildFile.xml and parse.cc

$ cd ..

$ scram b


To Do List


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