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New analysis code being developed for 2014 data format

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  $ popd
$ cp _somewhere_else_/unpacker/* ./
$ mv _somewhere_else_/unpacker/* ./
  You should now have all the FedEvent source code in the plugins folder alongside BuildFile.xml and parse.cc
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  $ scram b
To run the analyzer on a root file use $ cmsRun python/ConfFile_cfg.py.

 Some modifications must be made to the analyzer code depending on the root file type. The only two files that would need to be changed are plugings/parse.cc and python/ConfFile_cfg.py. The ConfFile_cfg.py has the Fed ID input and the root file name. If the root file is local the line process.source = cms.Source("HcalTBSource", should not be commented out, but the one with PoolSource should be. Also, in parse.cc the lines Handle rawdata; iEvent.getByLabel("source",rawdata); should not be commented out, but the one with rawDataCollector should be. If the root file is a global run, the opposite should be done for both files.

All of this should be done using the same version of CMSSW as what the root file was produced with. To determine this use $ edmProvDump rootfile.root to see the CMSSW version number and other attributes of the file. There are also other edm functions that are quite useful (of course only on lxplus).

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