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META TOPICPARENT name="AMC13PythonSoftware"
  1. Create new module (named maybe AMC13) which manages a connection to AMC13. [Complete as of 05/17/12]
    1. retrieve from an environment variable (AMC13_SERIAL_NO) the serial number of the AMC13 and calculate the I/P addresses. If not set, prompt the user for the serial number.
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  1. Exit after first error on verify fail in p_flash [Complete as of 05/17/2012]
  2. Add warning or progress indication during delay while loading MCS file [Complete as of 05/17/2012]
  3. Add dates updated and authors to all scripts [Complete as of 05/17/2012]
  1. Add version number / date of revision announcement to all scripts. Rename scripts to generic names without version numbers.
  2. Put file names for address table files in one line (use a variable in amc13.py outside function defs)
  3. Test with latest PyChips (1_4_3?)
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