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This page contains documentation and download links for AMC13 test software written in Python and using the PyChips library.

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    • Note: this is not a complete release, but updates for only the .py scripts. Untar, then copy .py files to src_amc13 in i.e. the release below
  • amc13_python_2012-05-17.tar.gz – updated release. Use with T2 firmware V6 and later. Works with stock SL5 python 2.4 now
  • amc13_python_2012-03-14.tar.gz – updated release. See README.txt. Now includes amc13_control.py.


On a Scientific Linux system, here is a quick tutorial:

   (make sure you have PyChips installed and the environment set correctly)
   (download one of the tarballs above)
   $ tar -xzf amc13_python_2012-xx-xx.tar.gz
   $ cd amc13_python_2012-xx-xx/src_amc13
   $ python p_flash.py     (for example, to program the flash)
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