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New 2020 Production Test

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 4. Event Builder Test
  1. Follow instructions here for sending localL1A's and building fake events
    1. NOTE: On step 3, run the command >en 1-12 f t instead of >en 1-4 f t
  1. If necessary, continue through the instructions on the above page to test receiving data from a real AMC13
  1. Move the AMC13 into the center MCH slot of a populated uTCA crate (all AMC slots should be filled with AMC13s that have completed at least all of the steps up to this point. They must be programmed with this T1 firmware)
  2. Run "wget http://physics.bu.edu/~cosbyc/allConnectCrate.txt" to download an example of a script that will connect to and configure all the AMC13s in the crate to act as fake AMC devices.
  3. Modify the script to use the serial numbers of the modules you put into AMC slots 1-12. It is most convenient to leave these in their slots for all future modules you test (though if these modules themselves are under test, you will need to do some shifting around when you are down to 13 remaining modules).
  4. Connect to the AMC13 you are testing: $ AMC13Tool2.exe -c serial_no
  5. Run the script to connect to all devices in the crate: >load allConnectCrate.txt
  6. Verify that all devices connected, by looking at the output of the "fv" command a few lines up.
  7. Send 1000 local triggers: >lt 1000
  8. View the event counters for each AMC_Link to ensure that they are all 0x3e8 (or at least the same number): >st 1 AMC_Links
 5. Check and Record amc13 Device DNA
  1. Read T1 registers 0x1e and 0x1f and record the values into the board database (if not working, use this as a placeholder)
  2. Read T2 registers 0xe and 0xf and record the values into the board database
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