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AMC13 MMC Software

The AMC13 MMC software package can be found in the amc13config directory in the xDAQ release or Standalone Release. This package is a collection of python scripts which provide the ability to store configuration information into non-volatile EEPROM memory for each SPI port, to apply directly configuration information to an AMC13 after power up, and to issue useful commands remotely such as resets and handle swaps.
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  1. Power cycle of board by handle reset (pushing handle out and in)
  2. Power cycle via use of MMC software (coldReset.py, handleOverride.py, backendPower.py, etc.)
NOTE: It takes several seconds after a power cycle for the IP address to finally be set to the correct value. If there are problems, use one of the above working power cycle methods and wait a full 15 seconds (much more than needed) to give it the full time to power up and then check the IP addresses.

NOTE: Upon power-up, it seems that the IP address cycles through various transiting values before settling on the IP address stored in non-volatile memory (if any). If one checks the IP address too soon after a power cycle, you may see an expected IP address for one or both chips. In order after power-cycle the IP address of the chips can step through several values: 1. IP address bits all 1's (ff.fff.ff.ff) 2. IP address set to SN default (regardless of whether something is in non-volatile memory or not) 3. IP address set to value indicated in non-volatile memory (if any) Typically this whole process takes only a few seconds, but you may encounter them.



This script is used to enable and disable the back-end power remotely to the AMC13. The script is to be run as follows:
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