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Flash Programming

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  • amc13_python_2012-01-05.tar.gz -- Initial pre-release. To use, install PyChips, change to amc13_python/src_amc13 and enter "python p_flash_v4.py". These tools assume the default I/P address of for the AMC13.
Need to essentially port this C++ code (DCC2Programmer.cc) to Python.

Flash control registers listed in table below.

Name IPbus address Description
F_wbuf ? flash write buffer
F_rbuf ? flash read buffer
F_cmd ? flash command register

All registers are 32 bits wide. Multiple bytes are stored with the first byte in the upper 8 bits, etc.

Word Bits 31..24 23..16 15..8 7..0
Byte Number 0 1 2 3

F_wbuf holds a sequence of command and data bytes to be sent to the flash.

Flash Programming Details

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