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Current AMC Firmware

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 Note that Virtex (T1) and Spartan (T2) versions are tested as pairs, so be sure to update both.

Date Version V/S Documentation T1 zip T1 MCS T2 zip T2 MCS Notes
2012-07-16 V=0x10 S=0xb AMC13specV0x10S0xb.txt T1v10.zip AMC13T1v0x0010_6vlx130t.mcs AMC13T1v0x0010_6vlx240t.mcs AMC13/T2vb.zip AMC13T2v000b_6slx25t.mcs Not tested
2012-07-06 VdSb AMC13specVdSb.txt (missing) AMC13T1v0x000d_6vlx130t.mcs AMC13T1v0x000d_6vlx240t.mcs AMC13/T2vb.zip AMC13T2v000b_6slx25t.mcs DAQ Bugs
2012-06-16 VaS8 AMC13specVaS8.txt T1va.zip AMC13T1va.mcs T2v8.zip AMC13T2v8.mcs TTS outputs implemented
2012-06-14 V9S8 AMC13specV9S8.txt T1v9.zip AMC13T1v9.mcs T2v8.zip AMC13T2v8.mcs TTS outputs implemented
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