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The following procedures describe the installation process for xDAQ releases for the HCAL Upgrade project. NOTE that the code has been migrated to SVN (instead of CVS) as of 02/07/2013, hence these instructions have since then been updated.
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  1. If you are maintaining the AMC13Tool Standalone, now you can prep the release and post the compressed files. (If not, skip to the last step).
    • NOTE: You should have a directory for your AMC13 Standalone Releases which contains prepReleases.sh . If you do not, please make one now.
    • Navigate to you AMC13 Standalone Releases directory and run prepReleases.sh
   $ ./prepReleases.sh ~/src/11_8_1/hcal/hcalUpgrade/amc13/amc13Standalone/
    • Host both the RPM and MAN versions of the release in a publicly accessible location and post links appropriately to AMC13CppSoftware
  1. Lastly, it is a good idea to contact the release managers (currently Jeremy Mans <Jeremy.Mans@cern.ch> and Shih-Chuan Kao <Shih-Chuan.Kao@cern.ch>) to inform them that a new version should be used in the next software release
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