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The following procedures describe the installation process for xDAQ releases for the HCAL Upgrade project. NOTE that the code has been migrated to SVN (instead of CVS) as of 02/07/2013, hence these instructions have since then been updated.
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 If you want to check the xDAQ code out of SVN anonymously (i.e. if you do not have an afs ID or don't care to have access to the repository), edit the script, search for "anonymous", and remove the # comment mark. Otherwise, if you have an afs ID and want access to the repository, skip this step.
  1. Run the installation script, ownsourcing the code to your ${HOME}/src directory:

perl ~/installDAQ_11_8_1.perl --mode=teststand --ownsource=${HOME}/src/11_8_1 --packages=hcalUpgrade svnuser=[afsID]
perl ~/installDAQ_11_8_1.perl --mode=teststand --ownsource=${HOME}/src/11_8_1 --packages=hcalUpgrade --svnuser=[afsID]
    • NOTE that you can put the code into any directory you like; it doesn't have to be ${HOME}/src/11_8_1.
    • NOTE that you can also install additional packages, if you wish; you're not limited to the hcalUpgrade. However, ALL of the AMC13 code lies within the hcalUpgrade package!! If packages is not specified, then all packages are installed by default.
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