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The following procedures describe the installation process for xDAQ releases for the HCAL Upgrade project. NOTE that the code has been migrated to SVN (instead of CVS) as of 02/07/2013, hence these instructions have since then been updated.
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  1. Be sure that your code compiles and runs properly. Only after you are confident of your changes being effective and accurate should you proceed.
  2. Update the package's hcal/hcalUpgrade/include/hcal/upgrade/version.h file to give the code a new version number. Generally, very small bug fixes would result in the PATCH digit changing, while larger changes would be MINOR. MAJOR version changes should mostly be for backward-incompatible changes. When you increment MINOR, you should set PATCH back to zero, and when you increment MAJOR, MINOR and PATCH should go to zero.
  3. In the same way as the previous step, update the version number in the file hcal/hcalUpgrade/amc13/include/hcal/amc13/version.h.
  1. If you are maintaining the AMC13Tool Standalone, now is the time to sync the standalone to the current version. (If not, skip to next step)
       $cd ~/src/11_8_1/hcal/hcalUpgrade/amc13/amc13Standalone/
  1. Commit your code into the SVN repository, giving a useful commit message which states your changes to the AMC13 code.
       $cd ~/src/11_8_1/hcal/hcalUpgrade/
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  $ cd ~/src/11_8_1/hcal/hcalUpgrade $ ../config/build/hcostag
  1. If you are maintaining the AMC13Tool Standalone, now you can prep the release and post the compressed files. (If not, skip to the last step).
    • NOTE: You should have a directory for your AMC13 Standalone Releases which contains prepReleases.sh . If you do not, please make one now.
    • Navigate to you AMC13 Standalone Releases directory and run prepReleases.sh
    • Host both the RPM and MAN versions of the release in a publicly accessible location and post links appropriately to AMC13CppSoftware
  1. Lastly, it is a good idea to contact the release managers (currently Jeremy Mans <Jeremy.Mans@cern.ch> and Shih-Chuan Kao <Shih-Chuan.Kao@cern.ch>) to inform them that a new version should be used in the next software release

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