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META TOPICPARENT name="AMC13CppSoftware"
This page describes new AMC13 C++ support software under development as of June 2014.
The temporary home is in our private svn. It will be hosted on CACTUS once released.
The software is now in cactus here:

svn co svn+ssh://svnuser@svn.cern.ch/reps/cactus/trunk/cactusupgrades/boards/amc13/software/amc13

The AMC13 low-level libraries are in the amc13 folder, while AMC13Tool and other command-line utilities are in the tools folder.

  Please keep up-to-date: Amc13CppProductionSoftwareToDoList
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Method Description
uint64_t * AMC13::readEvent( size_t& nwords, int& rc) Read one (possibly segmented) event. Set nwords to size, return ptr to malloc()'d buffer

Flash Memory Support

Method Description
Flash* AMC13::getFlash() Returns a pointer to flash programming object for an AMC13
void writeFlashPage(uint32_t, std::vector) Write 256-byte page
void eraseFlashSector(uint32_t) Erase sector (256K bytes)
void programFlash(const std::string&, uint32_t) Program flash from MCS file to specified address
void verifyFlash(const std::string&, uint32_t) Verify flash from MCS file at specified address
void loadFlash() Force reconfiguration of T1 and T2 FPGAs from flash sectors
void loadFlashT1() Force reconfiguration of T1 FPGA only
  -- EricHazen - 04 Jun 2014
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