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Each AMC13 as shipped is a 3-board stack (T1, T2, T3). The serial number is set by soldered jumpers on the T2 board (8 bits). On AMC13XG the serial number is printed on the front panel label in decimal.
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42 (0x2a) HW Tested 2.1 T1: 0x8a T2: 0x17 BU T1 NOT FOUND ERROR  
43 (0x2b) HW Tested 2.1 T1: 0x8a T2: 0x17 BU T3 reattached (after Clock Tests) , swapped parts w/ SN 39 for testing. SN 43 front panel attached to SN43 T1 and SN39T2. SN43 T2 in bag labelled SN43  
44 (0x2c) HW Tested 2.1 T1: 0x8d T2:0x17 BU Ship 7/29/13 to Magnus c/o Laza , experiencing problems communicating w/ board  
45 (0x2d) HW Tested 2.1 T1:0x91 T2: 0x17 BU    
45 (0x2d) HW Tested 2.1 T1:0x94 T2: 0x17 BU Ship 10/1/13 to CERN, Laza  
46 (0x2e) HW Tested 2.1 T1:0x8d T2: 0x17 BU Ship to Bristol  
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