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Each AMC13 as shipped is a 3-board stack (T1, T2, T3). The serial number is set by soldered jumpers on the T2 board (8 bits). For now, the serial number is written on the front panel with a marker and is a small integer.
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43 (0x2b) HW Tested 2.1 T1: 0x89 T2: 0x17 BU    
44 (0x2c) HW Issues 2.1   BU More Bizzare problems (see test log)  
45 (0x2d) HW Tested 2.1 T1:0x87 T2: 0x17 BU Using T1 0x87 because 0x89 caused errors  
46 (0x2e)       BU    
46 (0x2e) HW Tested 2.1 T1:0x87 T2: 0x17 BU    

Boards with Virtex-6 LX130T

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