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AMC13 to AMC Backplane Link

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 and requires an AMC13XG with firmware revision 0x200 or above.

Test Backplane Link

This version has new features requiring a slight change to the AMC firmware to support a new more intelligent TTC resync behavior. See the ReadMe files for some details. This version requires AMC13 firmware v0x237, v0x4037 or v0x8125 or newer.
Still some resync problems with this as of 2015-12-07. Please wait another day or two for a new version.

  • See Wu's directory for latest versions.
    • Use daq_link_7s if you are using a 7-series FPGA and want to instantiate your own GTX transceiver.
    • Use daq_link_Kintex if you are using a 7-series FPGA and want the GTX instantiated already in the block.
    • Use daq_link_v6 if you are using a Virtex-6.

Production Backplane Link

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