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The AMC13 register set (and associated uHAL address table) is complex. This page attempts (will attempt!) to document it. The address table files are used for access to the board in software, and also used to automatically control the display and format of status information in the text "status" command in AMC13Tool2 and the HyperDAQ display in xDAQ.
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  (substitute your CERN user name for svnuser)
1a. cd dev_tools/cfg/addrTableTools
 2. Identify the file which needs to be changed. There are several "source" CSV-format files. To identify the version number currently in use see the Makefile. The following files are used:
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This creates the files AMC13XG_T1.xml and AMC13XG_T2.xml in ...amc13/etc/amc13/. Some extra step(s) may be needed to correctly deploy these files in a production system.
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