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The AMC13 register set (and associated uHAL address table) is complex. This page attempts (will attempt!) to document it. The address table files are used for access to the board in software, and also used to automatically control the display and format of status information in the text "status" command in AMC13Tool2 and the HyperDAQ display in xDAQ.
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Mode Optional access mode ("incremental" for block-transfer capable areas)
Size Optional required size for block-transfer capable areas
P_Status Optional[1] Status uHAL parameter. Integer display priority 1=always display
P_Show Optional[2] Show uHAL parameter. "nz" to suppress zero values, "z" to suppress non-zero values
P_Show Optional[2] Show uHAL parameter. "nz" to suppress zero values, "z" to suppress non-zero values (see note below)
P_Table Optional[1] Table uHAL parameter. Name of table for status display
P_Row Optional[1] Row uHAL parameter. Name of row in table for status display
P_Column Optional[1] Column uHAL parameter. Name of column in table for status display
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 the corresponding field from the delimited id, e.g. if a field is _2 and the id is STATUS.AMC01.ERRORS then the resulting value would be AMC01.
The P_Show parameter has several possible settings:

nz Display this value only if non-zero
z Display this value only if zero
nzr Display the entire row in the corresponding table only if this value is non-zero
 If P_Repeat is present, it must be an integer count of the number of times this entry is to be repeated in the status display. An offset of 1 is assumed for subsequent entries unless a different address offset is specified with P_Offset. If P_Repeat is specified, either the P_Row or
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