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The AMC13 register set (and associated uHAL address table) is complex. This page attempts (will attempt!) to document it.
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 P_Table, P_Row and P_Column are sorted alphabetically. Leading digits and "_" characters should be stripped before display so that e.g. "0_" can be used to force a sort order.
The P_Status item sets the display priority. 0 is used to mark configuration registers which may be optionally displayed or not according to user preference. Positive integers 1-9 indicate various levels of detail for status values, with value 1 indicating the highest priority items which should always be displayed.
 In the P_Row and P_Column fields, the sequence _n where n is a digit 1-9 results in substituting the corresponding field from the delimited id, e.g. if a field is _2 and the id is STATUS.AMC01.ERRORS then the resulting value would be AMC01.
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